How to pass with flying colours
your Cambridge writing exam

FIVE MAIN TIPS Firstly, reduce your mistakes. Secondly, answer the question fully. Thirdly, use the right formality. Forthly, use the right format with  clear paragraphs. In addition, put in high level grammar and vocaulary. Futhermore, use linking words like the ones here: firstly, in addition, however etc. Finally, use the time. 1) How...

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¡Speak celebra Halloween!

¿Estás preparado para pasar miedo?Dentro de muy poco vendrán  a visitarnos malvadas brujas, horribles monstruos, fantasmas atormentados, grandes arañas y calabazas, muchas calabazas por todas partes.¿Por qué?Desde nuestra academia de inglés Speak School se viste de Halloween para celebrarlo con todos nuestros alumnos.¿Te animas?Pues...

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